Choosing Your Floor

Our tips to making the right choice…

1.  Consider the room – how much do you use the room, some rooms will receive more wear than others, i.e. hall stairs and landing

2.  Are there any particular fabrics or existing décor that is to be matched? It’s a good idea to choose the flooring first and install it last. Remember, its one of the most expensive furnishings of a room.

3.  Have a think about what you want? A wood floor, a tile, do you want a plain or patterned carpet, a twist or a texture?

4.  How long do you want the flooring to last?  Is it a long term investment or a quick fix?

5.  What is your budget?  Our costs are competitive and we cater for all budgets. Remember to add the costs of underlay, fitting, moving furniture and uplifting existing flooring and other materials.

6.  Let us do the measuring.  Doing it yourself is always risky!

7.  We can provide you with a sample.  Seeing the product in your own environment and its natural light makes a huge difference.

8.  If buying a carpet, buy a new underlay.  It will prolong the life of your carpet by up to 40% as well as providing extra comfort.

9.  Protect your investment with a stain inhibitor, Intec is an effective way to protect your carpets, keeping it looking new for longer. Intec is also environmentally friendly.

10. Buy the best flooring you can afford.  As with everything in life, you get what you pay for and flooring is no exception to the rule!