Terms & Conditions of Business

In these conditions the expression “the supplier” means Country Carpet Warehouses of 21-23 Bridge Street, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 1AE and the expression “the customer” means the person placing he order for goods and all services with the supplier.
These terms and conditions shall form part of any contract entered between the supplier and the customer for the supply of goods and/or services to the customer.
2.1 The property in any goods or equipment (hereinafter called the goods) supplied shall remain the property of the supplier until payment of the total purchase price thereof has been made.
2.2 If payment of the total purchase price is not made by the due date the supplier shall have the right with or without prior notice at any time to retake possession of the whole of, or any part of, the goods (and for these purposes to enter the customer’s premises) without prejudice to any other remedies.
3.1 A deposit of 50% of the purchase price shall be payable on acceptance of the signing of the order or on the supplier’s demand at any time thereafter (unless otherwise in writing).
3.2 The balance of the purchase price of any goods to be supplied shall be payable on delivery. Delivery to be at the supplier’s premises unless otherwise agreed or unless the contract shall require the goods to be fitted by the supplier.
3.3 Where the contract includes the fitting of the goods at the customer’s premises, the fitting charges shall be paid immediately on completion.
3.4 The supplier reserves the right to charge 2.5% interest per month on all overdue accounts.
The Risk in goods to be collected by the customer from the supplier’s premises shall pass to the customer or on the expiry of 7 days from notification to the customer by the supplier that the goods are ready for collection whichever is the earlier and in goods to be delivered to the customer such risk shall pass to the customer on delivery.
All goods must be examined by the customer on collection, delivery or on completion of installation and unless complaint in writing as to the condition of any goods is made within 7 days of the date of such delivery, collection or installation the goods shall be deemed to be in good and undamaged condition.
Any extra materials and/or service which are not itemised on our estimate/invoice wil be chargeable and do not form part of the original contract.
Sizes area approximate as slight variation are unavoidable. The British Standards Institute tolerance plus or minus 1.25% (BS 3655 Clause 3 either way).
We cannot be held responsible for damp ingress to flooring.
All pile carpets especially plain grounds are liable to shading, that is to say light and dark patches arising from uneven crushing of the surface not unlike water marks. Light and delicate carpets are liable to become soiled in wear and so apparent loss of colour. No care on the part of the manufacturer can obviate these tendencies which are inherent in all pile fabrics. We cannot accept any responsibility for any complaints caused by these effects.
To achieve the full beauty of a natural rustic look it is essential to blend different types of wool. This will bring about variations in colour and appearance. To the discriminating customer this adds to the beauty of the carpet and is not a defect. The surface appearance of loop pile Berber carpets will be best maintained by using a vacuum slot cleaner only. Severe brushing or damaged beater bar/brush will cause surface fibre breakage resulting in a fuzzy surface.
Any spillage should be removed immediately using tissues rather than rubbing with a dry cloth. Prompt action will help prevent any permanent staining. Routine shampooing or severe spot cleaning should be professionally carried out in order to prevent rapid soiling build up due to the use of unsuitable shampoos.
The Company cannot accept responsibility for shrinkage of any foam backed carpet which has not been secured firmly to the floor or any carpet installed in an area subject to excessive moisture e.g. bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.
To prevent possible adhesion of foam backed carpets laid over smooth surfaces it is advisable that thick paper felt is placed between the carpet and the floor.
Wood flooring is a natural product and unless specified is a character grade.  You should expect a difference in colour in boards within the same pack, sap marks and filled knots which is part of the natural charm of wood flooring. You are responsible to ensure your new floors are not subject to moisture or extreme heat.  For instance, if you have underfloor heating below your wood or laminate floor it should not be set above 24 degrees.
No order can be cancelled by the customer without the supplier’s consent, unless the supplier is in breach of contract. The customer shall pay to the supplier such sum as the supplier shall consider reasonable in respect of the work done and materials supplied or ordered.
Any work postponed within 24 hours of fitting or if we are unable to proceed as scheduled, through no fault of our own will incur a wasted labour fee to the customer. This be charged to you before rebooking a new agreed installation date.
15. Any delivery dates given orally or in writing are estimates only and the order shall be due for delivery as, or as soon as, practicable after any such estimate dates.
15. Whilst every care is taken by our fitter, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused to wires, pipes and cables under flooring or to tiled flooring and sub floors.
16.1 Unseen Subfloors - We respectively point out that we will not accept liability for any extra work that may be required to unseen sub floors. In most occasions when we prepare an estimate a floor covering is in place; therefore, we are not able to access any problems which could be apparent, but not visible under your carpeting or floor covering. Any extra works/materials that may be required will be charged for accordingly once agreed by the customer.
16.2 Uneven Subfloors -At the time of our site inspection/measure we will advise you if your subfloor is uneven and provide a quotation if we are able to rectify this. If in the event, we feel this is beyond our capabilities and have we advised you that the subfloor should be made even prior to us commencing works and we arrive to fit your flooring, but this has not been carried out by yourselves, we will not take responsibility of the installation if it fails due to subfloor unevenness.
The acceptance of this order involves the acceptance of the conditions under which it is placed. These shall not be deemed to have been varied or waived unless the supplier’s written confirmation of such variation or waiver is obtained.