Additional Services


Design Consultation
We can help you find the perfect flooring to work with your room. If required, we can provide CAD drawings, trial runs and dye poms of your bespoke carpet runner or rug.

We know that finding the right colour is key so we provide a free sample service enabling you to take a sample home to match with your decor. 

Our estimating service is free, with no obligation, and is carried out by highly experienced estimators.  Every quotation is carefully planned out to make economical use of your material, avoiding joins wherever possible and saving you money.  

Technical Advice
Not every type of flooring is suitable for all areas. Please contact our team for expert technical advice.

Subfloor preparation
Our highly experienced team can prepare your floor ready for your new flooring.

Door Easing
Sometimes new flooring is higher than the old flooring which may mean your doors won’t open.  Some of our fitters can provide you with this additional service. Please ask if you require this assistance.

Damp Testing
If your property/extension is new, chances are your concrete subfloor may still contain moisture which will damage your wood or laminate floor. We offer our customers a free damp test service.

Making mats from your waste
As an additional service we can whip or bind any of your leftovers.

Stain Inhibitor
Prior to fitting your carpet we can treat your carpet to help prevent against stains.

We offer our customers free parking which is behind our showroom and accept most major credit cards.